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  • United States Core
  • U.S. Secondary Sources (Varied)
  • Global News Collection
  • Jury Verdicts and Settlements
  • Vincent A.I.

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  • Over 20 million U.S. legal documents, updated daily
  • Over 250 sources of U.S. law, in one location
  • Up-to-date federal and state law
  • Case law dating back over 100 years
  • Specialist federal courts and appeal boards
  • Federal Reporter and Register
  • Circuit and district courts
  • Public laws from 1989
  • Attorney General opinions*
  • Administrative Code, including archived versions
  • State, national and international secondary sources
  • State Registers*
  • Statutes, including archived versions
  • Constitutions, including archived versions
  • News, blogs and newspapers
  • Jury verdicts and settlements
  • Bar journals and law reviews*
  • Expert commentary from top U.S. and international law firms
  • Exclusive and extensive collections of foreign and international law
  • Academic and bar association collections

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Jury Verdicts and Settlements

vLex’s Jury Verdicts and Settlements category features a unique collection of civil jury verdicts from the United States. Dating back to 1980, this U.S. collection contains professional case evaluations, including exclusive summaries of reported cases with a detailed trial analysis of each case. Coverage is provided at the national level, alongside state-specific coverage for New York, New Jersey, New England, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

Coverage overview

Federal coverage

Circuit Court of Appeals, all
Constitution of the United States
District Courts Cases, all
Federal Appendix
Federal Cases, all
Federal Register
Federal Reporter
Federal Reporter, 1st
Federal Reporter, 2nd
Federal Reporter, 3rd
Federal Rules Decisions
Federal Court Rules, including archived versions
Federal Supplement, 1st
Federal Supplement, 2nd
Federal Supplement, 3rd
Federal Sentencing Guidelines Manual
General trial cases
Public laws
State constitution and statutes
Supreme Court Reporter
Supreme Court Cases, all

Administrative codes

U.S. Code (Inc. archived versions from 2000)
Code of Federal Regulations, including archived versions
Alabama Administrative Code
Alaska Administrative Code
Arizona Administrative Code
Arkansas Administrative Code
California Code of Regulations
Code of Massachusetts Regulations
Colorado Administrative Code
Connecticut Administrative Code
Delaware Administrative Code
District of Columbia Administrative Code
Florida Administrative Code
Georgia Administrative Code
Hawaii Administrative Rules
Idaho Administrative Code
Illinois Administrative Code
Indiana Administrative Code
Iowa Administrative Code
Kansas Administrative Code
Kentucky Administrative Regulations
Louisiana Administrative Code
Maine Administrative Code
Maryland Administrative Code
Michigan Administrative Code
Minnesota Administrative Rules
Mississippi Administrative Code
Missouri Administrative Code
Montana Administrative Code
Nebraska Administrative Code
Nevada Administrative Code
New Hampshire Administrative Code
New Jersey Administrative Code
New Mexico Administrative Code
New York Codes, Rules and Regulations
North Carolina Administrative Code
North Dakota Administrative Code
Ohio Administrative Code
Oklahoma Administrative Code
Oregon Administrative Code
Pennsylvania Administrative Code
Rhode Island Administrative Code
South Carolina Code of Regulations
South Dakota Administrative
Tennessee Administrative Code
Texas Administrative Code
Utah Administrative Code
Vermont Administrative Code
Virginia Administrative Code
Washington Administrative Code
West Virginia Administrative Code
Wisconsin Administrative Code
Wyoming Administrative Code

More collections

ABA Commercial
ABA General
Wiley Commercial
Wiley General
Emerald Commercial
Emerald General
Gale Commercial
Gale General
Academic Collection
Bar Collection

Specialist coverage

Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals
Alien Terrorist Removal Court
Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals
Army Court of Criminal Appeals
Attorney General Opinions
Bankruptcy Reporter (B.R.)
Board of Immigration Appeals
Black Lung Cases
Board of Veterans’ Appeals
Civilian Board of Contract Appeals
Coast Guard Court of Criminal Appeals
Commerce Court
Commissioners Court
Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces
Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims
Court of Customs and Patent Appeals
Court of Federal Claims
Court of International Trade
Court of Military Commission Review
Court of National Transportation Safety Board
Department of Energy
Department of Justice Decisions
Ethics Opinions
Federal Aviation Administration
Federal Communications Commission
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Federal Labor Relations Authority
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review
Interior Board of Indian Appeals
Internal Revenue Service Rulings
Internal Revenue Bulletins
International Trade Commission
Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation
Longshoreman and Harbor Workers Compensation Decisions
Merit Systems Protection Board
Military Appeals
National Labor Relations Board
Navy-marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals
Office of Dispute Resolution for Acquisition
Patent Trial and Appeal Board
Postal Service Board of Contract Appeals
Securities and Exchange Commission
Tax Court Decisions
Trademark Trial and Appeal Board
United States Committee on Judicial Conduct and Disability
Workers’ Compensation Board

State Coverage

Alabama from 1877
Alaska from 1959
Arizona from 1876
Arkansas from 1886
California from 1837
Colorado from 1864
Connecticut from 1858
Delaware from 1872
District Of Columbia from 1832
Florida from 1847
Georgia from 1882
Hawaii from 1847
Idaho from 1866
Illinois from 1850
Indiana from 1850
Iowa from 1855
Kansas from 1864
Kentucky from 1801
Louisiana from 1886
Maine from 1820
Maryland from 1885
Massachusetts from 1813
Michigan from 1848
Minnesota from 1861
Mississippi from 1882
Missouri from 1829
Montana from 1881
Nebraska from 1879
Nevada from 1883
New Hampshire from 1817
New Jersey from 1800
New Mexico from 1867
New York from 1806
North Carolina from 1863
North Dakota from 1876
Ohio from 1853
Oklahoma from 1890
Oregon from 1868
Pennsylvania from 1801
Rhode Island from 1856
South Carolina from 1846
South Dakota from 1876
Tennessee from 1871
Texas from 1874
Utah from 1861
Vermont from 1826
Virginia from 1800
Washington from 1880
West Virginia from 1866
Wisconsin from 1874
Wyoming from 1883

Statutes and constitutions

Constitution of the United States
Alabama Statutes
Alaska Statutes
Arizona Statues
Arkansas Statutes
California Codes
California Constitution
Code of Georgia
Colorado Statutes
Connecticut Statutes
Constitution of Alabama
Constitution of Oregon
Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Constitution of the state of Alaska
Constitution of the state of Arizona
Constitution of the state of Arkansas
Constitution of the state of Colorado
Constitution of the state of Connecticut
Constitution of the state of Florida
Constitution of the state of Georgia
Constitution of the state of Hawaii
Constitution of the state of Idaho
Constitution of the state of Illinois
Constitution of the state of Indiana
Constitution of the state of Iowa
Constitution of the state of Kansas
Constitution of the state of Kentucky
Constitution of the state of Louisiana
Constitution of the state of Maine
Constitution of the state of Maryland
Constitution of the state of Michigan
Constitution of the state of Minnesota
Constitution of the state of Mississippi
Constitution of the state of Missouri
Constitution of the state of Montana
Constitution of the state of Nebraska
Constitution of the state of New Hampshire
Constitution of the state of New Mexico
Constitution of the state of New York
Constitution of the state of North Dakota
Constitution of the state of Oklahoma
Constitution of the state of Rhode Island And Providence Plantations
Constitution of the state of South Carolina
Constitution of the state of South Dakota
Constitution of the state of Tennessee
Constitution of the state of Utah
Constitution of the state of Vermont
Constitution of the state of Wisconsin
Constitution of the state of Wyoming
Constitution of Virginia
Constitution of West Virginia
Delaware Constitution
Delaware Statutes
District of Columbia
District of Columbia Constitution
Florida Statutes
General Laws of Massachusetts
Hawaii Statutes
Idaho Statutes
Illinois Compiled Statutes
Iowa Statutes
Kansas Statutes
Kentucky Revised Statutes
Louisiana Statutes
Maine Revised Statutes
Maryland Statutes
Michigan Statutes
Minnesota Statutes
Mississippi Statutes
Missouri Revised Statutes
Montana Statutes
Nebraska Revised Statutes
Nevada Statutes
New Hampshire Statutes
New Jersey Permanent Statutes
New Jersey State Constitution
New York Statutes
North Carolina State Constitution
North Carolina Statutes
North Dakota Statutes
Ohio Constitution
Ohio Statutes
Oklahoma Statutes
Oregon Statutes
Pennsylvania Statutes
Rhode Island Statutes
South Carolina Statutes
South Dakota Statutes
Tennessee Statutes
Texas Statutes
The Constitution of the state of Nevada
The Texas Constitution
Utah Statutes
Vermont Statutes
Virginia Statutes
Washington State Constitution
Washington Statutes
West Virginia Statutes
Wisconsin Statutes
Wyoming Statutes