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vLex’s Chrome extension helps you find legal information faster by including vLex documents and links to relevant legal material within your Google search results.


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Improve your productivity and bring legal information to the top of your search results with the vLex Chrome extension, helping you to find the documents you need quickly.

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The vLex Chrome extension will automatically detect citations and legal references within select web pages that publish legal information. Simply click on the citation link and navigate to the judgment or legalisation document with ease.

With on-screen insights, you can find out more about a judgment or legislative document to understand if it is the right source for your research before even clicking through to the vLex platform.

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By using the shortcut (v+space) with the vLex Chrome extension within a Chrome browser, you are able to search for documents on vLex directly from the Chrome Omnibox. As you type, the autocomplete results will display suggestions from vLex, so you can seamlessly navigate directly to the document you need.

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