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Vincent AI, an award-winning legal research assistant

vLex’s powerful legal research assistant, Vincent, is the first search and discovery aid of its kind to connect with one of the world’s largest legal databases – saving time and improving results.

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Human search at machine speed


By combining human search behaviour with machine speed, Vincent enables researchers to go beyond traditional research methods with easy-to-use technology to save time and enhance their work. Vincent recognises legal documents from over 32 countries, in both English and Spanish.

Easy to use

Vincent’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface enables researchers to start with a relevant document, whether it’s a case, a skeleton argument, or any other legal document. Type or paste relevant information into the text box as a jumping off point, and see where Vincent takes you.

An advantageous start

Documents will be read by Vincent in seconds to identify content and citations, and also locate important information such as key phrases and party names. Vincent will then return a unique set of highly relevant search results, a process which would have otherwise taken hours to compile.

The real power of this smart tool comes from its integration with vLex’s extensive collection of legal information. This provides an advantageous starting point for any research, and ensures that millions of important documents are being considered each and every time Vincent is used.