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Mexican law

The most extensive collection of Mexican legal information available online, available alongside advanced AI-powered legal research tools.

The largest collection of Mexican law

Access up-to-date federal and state case law, statutes, administrative codes, specialised federal court coverage, doctrinal sources, legal news, as well as commentary from top law firms, all on one platform. Complemented by an intuitive interface, familiar features, and easy-to-access search tools, vLex enables you to find and access the information you need quickly, from Mexico and over 100 other jurisdictions.

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  • Supreme Court
  • Circuit Courts
  • Administrative Court
  • Judiciary Council
  • Electoral Court
  • Superior Court of State of Mexico
  • International Courts
  • Legislation
  • Consolidated laws
  • Annotated codes
  • International treaties and agreements
  • Featured treaties
  • Municipal legislation
  • Official Gazettes
  • Regulations
  • Books and journals
  • Dictionaries
  • Model forms and contracts
  • Draft bills
  • News
  • Chamber of Deputies Library (LXIII Legislature)
  • Financial Reporting Standards
  • vLex Practice Notes
  • Economic indicators

Mexican Dockets


Access over 4 million dockets dating back to 2015, related to Federal matters and covering, Jalisco, Mexico City, Nuevo León and Mexico State. This collection is updated daily and can be accessed alongside the largest collections of Mexican, Latin American and international legal information, available online.