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Access a world of legal information on a single platform, enhance your productivity with award-winning software, and gain a technological advantage by connecting your in-house knowledge to the world’s most extensive collections of authorities. Only with vLex.

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vLex provides a first-class and comprehensive service for top international law firms, government departments, public organisations, and law schools around the world.

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“Working with vLex Justis and their outstanding content and technology, we have the chance to explore together a number of use cases for the application of machine learning to legal text.” 

Nick West, Chief Strategy Officer, Mishcon de Reya

“I think the precedent map is excellent.” 

Solicitor, Eversheds Sutherland, Ireland

10/10 “Very comprehensive and easy to navigate” 

Barrister, Del Canto Chambers

“Very intuitive to use. Good cross-references.” 

Solicitor, Matheson Law Firm

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on a single service

Only with vLex can you search across 120 million documents from over 100 countries in one place.

Discover vLex’s exclusive and comprehensive collection of legal information, including case law, legislation, books, journals, news, dockets, and more. Visit our coverage page to explore our content.

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Connecting the world’s legal resources

vLex is home to the largest collection of legal and regulatory information in the world. This includes exclusive collections of case law, legislation, books, and journals from across both common law and civil law regions. Additionally, vLex brings together thousands of legal and news sources from hundreds of the world’s leading publishers helping you to find more in one location.

Updated daily

Thousands of documents are updated or added to vLex each day with cross-jurisdictional links to cited authorities.  

Unlimited search

Reduce the risk of missing important information with access to results from our entire database.

Custom notifications

Create and manage tailored email notifications specific to your work, clients, and interests.

Transform your in-house knowledge

The world’s first and only service that can connect and enrich your in-house knowledge with the largest collections of legal authorities on a single service. 

Discover how vLex makes it possible to enhance your productivity while finding valuable insights in your documents.

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Award-winning legal technology

Move beyond traditional research methods to uncover valuable insights, and to gain a technological advantage, with vLex’s collection of unique research tools, including the award-winning Vincent AI, legal research assistant.  

Our technology

168极速赛车75秒开奖平台 168极速赛车官网开奖结果记录查询 Excellence in cross-jurisdictional research

Over 440 million links between cited authorities exist in vLex, allowing you to navigate between documents seamlessly.

With on-the-ground experts around the world, vLex can develop cross-jurisdictional, comparative, and international research tools, providing a new research standard for practitioners.

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Bring legal information to the top of your search results, and find information faster, with the vLex Chrome extension. Stay informed by building custom email alerts based on common searches, client interests, and document types. Build better arguments and reduce the risk of errors with vLex for Microsoft Word, and search your internal knowledge and enrich your documents with vLex’s cloud integrations.

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